Join our Hike 4 Healing

How far would you walk for medical care? In Nepal women traveled an average of 100 miles, most of it on foot. Join our hike and help us in our effort to save mothers!

Hike supports Healing Hands

KELSEYVILLE >> “How far would you walk for health care?” With that question, Worldwide Healing Hands (WHH) invites individuals of all ages to take part in the second “Hike 4 Healing” on April 25.

In addition, WHH seeks sponsors for the event (more…)

Individual Freedom vs. Public Health – A Physician’s Perspective


The risk of these preventable communicable diseases is far greater than the risk of the vaccination.

How do we balance public safety and personal choices? In a well functioning democratic society, everybody has a responsibility to accept a social contract in order to protect its citizens from preventable disease. The recent movement not to vaccinate children jeopardizes the public well being. If the majority of people held absolute freedom of individualism above what should be an equal responsibility to the community there would be chaos. (more…)

Pearls and Kisses for Cervical Cancer Prevention


Dr. Auguste and Dr. Suprien with our lovely patient in Haiti

This sweet 82 year old woman was illiterate but there was no mistaking her gratitude in any language when she kissed all the doctors and nurses after her surgery to remove an early cervical cancer. We often take PAP smears for granted but in many areas of the world there is little or no access to this simple test that can save lives. Worldwide Healing Hands sent a medical team to Haiti to train healthcare providers to screen and treat this (more…)

Event provides health screenings in Lake County

Thanksgiving 2014

Dr. Paula Dhanda consults with a young patient.

CLEARLAKE >> In conjunction with a Thanksgiving Day outreach event that included a meal for members of the City of Clearlake community, free health screenings were provided at the Clearlake Youth Center by Worldwide Healing Hands.

Dr. Arthur Bikangaga, health screening organizer and team leader, was joined by Dr. Paula Dhanda and several volunteers to check blood pressure and other vital signs and to discuss health concerns with individuals. Additionally, participants received knit caps and socks donated by Worldwide Healing Hands and handmade soap donated by community members. (more…)

Meet our 2015 medical mission team

Our dedicated packing team

Our dedicated packing team

A team of doctors and nurses from Worldwide Healing Hands is packed and ready to embark on its mission to Haiti later this week. The group will conduct important cervical cancer screenings and train Haitian doctors, midwives and staff in the screening and treatment methods. The latest mission follows Worldwide Healing Hands’ outreach on Thanksgiving Day when Dr. Paula Dhanda and Dr. Arthur (more…)

Get CASH BACK on your purchases!

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 10.43.55 PM

We are pleased to announce a new program available for you as a valued supporter of Worldwide Healing Hands. This program allows you to book travel and shop online — the same things you are doing anyway — while earning CASH BACK on every purchase. For every purchase you make, Worldwide Healing Hands benefits as well. (more…)

The Untold Tragedy of the Ebola Virus

IMG_2480While the number of deaths due to Ebola and the emerging closer-to-home cases are the focus of daily news accounts, very little is being said about the toll on health care and number of deaths resulting indirectly.

The recent Ebola outbreak (more…)