Our founder, Dr. Paula Dhanda and the WHH organization are doing remarkable things!


Dr Paula Dhanda Achievements

Our founder, Dr. Paula Dhanda and the WHH organization are doing remarkable things!

This year Dr. Paula Dhanda received Adventist Health’s highest honor, 2017 Physician Mission of the Year Alumni Award.

In May she was honored at MedShares Talk and Taste. Medshare honors people whose work has saved lives in medically underserved nations.

Learn more about Paula’s story and the work that Worldwide Healings Hands is doing globally and locally.

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Sending warmth around the world


Knit hats in Uganda

Knit hats in Uganda

The simplest things can spread love and warmth around the world. Most people don’t think of Africa as cold especially in Uganda as it lies on the equator, but at high altitudes it gets quite cold. At 6,600 ft above sea level, Kabale is named the “Swiss Alps of Africa,” where the majority of people lack heating in their homes.

We were prepared for the cold but as we traveled around the area we saw children barefoot and shivering. (more…)

Worldwide Healing Hands Provides Health Screenings

Volunteer Christine Dalva, FNP provides medical care at free clinic

Volunteer Christine Dalva, FNP provides medical care at free clinic

LAKEPORT, CA – Worldwide Healing Hands (WHH) volunteers conducted free health screening events at the Warming Center on two dates in March, offering consultations and health checks at the center set up in the Lakeport Community Seventh-Day Adventist Church. The events were the first of four health screening opportunities planned by the organization to assist Lake County’s homeless and indigent this year.

Dr. Paula Dhanda, health screening organizer and team leader, was joined by Family Nurse Practitioner Christine Dalva and nurses Carol Stahr and Stephanie Allen, staff members from Specialty Care & Surgery Center who volunteered their time along with several other people who assisted. The team checked blood pressure and other vital signs and discussed health concerns with individuals.  (more…)

Join Hike 4 Healing April 30 – in Person or Virtually

Hike 4 HealingKelseyville, CA — Friends and supporters of Worldwide Healing Hands (WHH) will gather the morning of Saturday, April 30, to walk Mount Konocti’s Wright Summit Trail during the third annual “Hike 4 Healing.” The yearly trek is a fundraiser to support the work of Worldwide Healing Hands in Lake County, California, and in underserved areas of the world. “Virtual” hikers —those who cannot make the scheduled hike — will join the April 30 event via Facebook. (more…)

My Loving Mother, Monica Bradshaw

Monica BradshawMonica Bradshaw, age 80, entered into eternal peace on February 27, 2016, with her loving daughters, Melanie Ramachandran and Paula Dhanda, at her bedside. Monica was born in Hull, Yorkshire, England, to Naval Officer William and Annie Elizabeth Bradshaw. She was the third of nine children growing up in the era of World War II.


The Clean Delivery Kit: A Lifesaving Birthing Kit that fits in a Sandwich Bag

Teaching Tindarwesire (a TBA in Bufundi, Uganda) how to open a clean delivery kit

Items that fit into a sandwich bag can save thousands of mothers’ lives every year. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

The Clean Delivery Kit has:

  • A clean plastic liner to put on the ground so the mother doesn’t deliver directly onto the dirt;
  • A pair of disposable gloves;
  • Gauze;
  • A clean razor blade and string for tying and cutting the umbilical cord;
  • Soap for a thorough washing before and after the birth.


Worldwide Healing Hands Transforming Muko, By Dr. Alex Melindwa

It’s a cold morning. The usual fog engulfs Muko Health Center IV, obscuring the spectacular view of the beautiful cultivated hills from where the sun rises. The first sun rays penetrate through the fog, shining a warmth on the patients waiting to receive care after traversing hills and valleys to reach the center. Work starts as usual.

Little did I know this was the day when the first ray of hope would shine on Muko!

A staff calls me to receive a visitor, a tall old man with a charming smile. We exchange greetings with a firm hand shake. He tells me he is Dr. Arthur Bikangaga, a retired consultant from the USA. He is quick to add that Kabale, Uganda, where Muko is located, is his home area; but he has been away for over 40 years. This is confirmed by his occasional use of Lukiga, the local language though with an American accent! (more…)

Saving Grace

   Muko Health Center IV (MHC) is located in the southwestern part of Uganda in an area that has mountainous terrain composed of many fertile, heavily cultivated hills and beautiful, spectacular valleys, which contribute to poor accessibility with an inadequate road network and poor mobile telecommunications coverage.

This makes it challenging for women like Grace, a 31-year-old mother of three children, to access health care, especially in an emergency. Just two days before our team of medical volunteers (more…)

A visit to a Traditional Birth Attendant

Tindarwesire, a traditional birth attendant in Uganda

Tindarwesire, a traditional birth attendant in Uganda

Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs), also known as traditional midwives or lay midwives provide care during pregnancy and childbirth without any formal education or training. They often learn their trade through apprenticeship or are self-taught.

Uganda is predominantly rural, with only 13% of the population living in urban areas. (more…)

Saving Mothers, Giving Hope

Carrying a patient to Muko Health CentreDear Friends of Worldwide Healing Hands,

This holiday season is an opportunity to thank our generous donors, loyal supporters and dedicated volunteers. It is also a time to extend a helping hand to mothers and children who lack access to basic medical care many of us take for granted.

Your generosity has helped to save the lives of women like Grace, a 31-year-old mother of three children. (more…)